A day in the life of beggar

Are you that kind of person who is always compelled to help or give a street beggar or are you the cynical type who thinks why you should give your hard earned money even worse to a strong young man or woman who has chosen a cheap survival on the street.

That attitude, I was guilty of. I thought if they are able bodied young men or women, why don’t they go and look for work. I would make comparisons with other people I know who are in their old age but are still working hard and do not ask for anything from anyone, why then would these young strong people be begging.  Anyway, I wouldn’t give them anything as I thought they should go and look for work and stop asking people for money.  Does that sound familiar?

Well, I repented, I repented the day I realised that that man or woman actually knows no other life than street life.  What I mean is… a child is born and raised on the street.  What he or she eats comes from the streets.  The clothes that cover his or her back comes from the streets. Only a few are fortunate enough to even go to school. This boy or girl then grows into a man or woman right there on the streets and it is that one you see every day asking for help at that street corner.As you can see it is not always by choice, some are born into it.

Now, to some beggarsthat isa very normal life because that’s all they know and that’s what they have been raised to believe as a way of survival. You and I don’t see that as normal because we are not from that background.When people say to them “go and look for work” they think, what work areyou talking about?I am here working so I can put food into my stomach and feed my family.And, basically that is what everybody else is trying to do, right. So, working according to him or her is being on the street and hassling and it is amazing the way they show up persistently!

That’s just something I thought to share with you before you start judging that street beggar.

A day in the life of beggar  Youtube

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