Best friends Overrated

Talking about best friends, yah BFFS!

I am not sure if I have ever had a best friend before. And by saying this I hope I am not offending anyone out there.  I have had very good friends, yes, well at least I thought they were or they.  But I have always had difficulty in distinguishing between just a friend, good friend and a best friend. Others say it’s in the kind of stuff the two people share that makes them feel or believe they are besties. If that’s the case then I have had too many besties  so is that even possible. For something to be best you have to pick it up from a large number so is it just supposed to be one best friend or maybe one best friend at a time because for example I cannot call my whole economics class my best friends.

Now here is a problem, what happens when your bestie moves out of town and finds another best friend.  Have you had that awkward moment when you thought you were the only one who knew that bit of information about your best friend then alas, the new friend also knows… Now wait a minute… how is it that your best is sharing what you thought were only your stories with someone else, how come? Is she or he sharing some of my stories with her new best friend?

Can a bestie do that to his or her bestie? What’s the point then in having that one best friend in whom you confide. Personally, I think this best friend thing is overrated and having lots of good friends is the way to go.

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