Common sense isn’t that common

What is common sense?  I know there is a sixth sense but this common one I am not sure about! What is it?  Is it a common way of thinking that sort of leads us to doing things or react in a way everyone could have had they been in that same situation. How does one know that the next person would think or react in this way if we don’t think aloud? How would it be common if we don’t go to school for it so that we all know how to define it? After all we are from different backgrounds, beliefs, values etc. So what could this common sense be?

I have heard people say, and yes I have also been told so many times “just use your common sense” and that has left me wondering, what is this common sense.  Is there such a thing as common sense.  How does one acquire it. It would be great if everyone had it. Do you have common sense, how would you define it and how does one acquire this common sense.  Have you told anyone to use their common sense and what did you mean or how would you say it if you were to use different words?

I think there is no such thing as common sense as we are all diverse.  I also think it is a way of telling someone ‘don’t be stupid’, or rather ‘do whatever it is in the way I think you should’.  What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know what this common sense is according to you!


 Common Sense Ain’t That Common

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