Defining ‘Doing the right thing’

So many times I have gotten myself burnt whilst I thought I was doing the right thing.  I have judged others thinking they were not doing the right thing and have also been judged in the process.  I have lost relationships where I thought what was happening was not the right thing.  I have been frustrated and wondered why everybody doesn’t do the right thing,like I do.

From the time we are born we are taught certain ways of doing things,We are taught what is “right” and to avoid what is “wrong”.  As a result, ones actions are followed with reward or punishment for doing either good or bad.  Growing up I received my fair share of punishments! But mostly when I had done what was ‘right’, this would usually go unnoticed but that’s what we are not talking about today.

I then grew up and went into the world and oh my goodness did I start judging everybody, in the way they did things, dressing, food, fashion, personalities, etc. Little did I know that I was pretty much judging these poor people according to my small world that had been built around me by my parents, family, friends and my small community.

Then, it so happened one day that we were in a meeting and there was a bit of some courageous conversation happening and someone made a comment saying I don’t know why you guys seem to be against me but I did the right thing.  Amazingly quite a number of people responded loudly asking “did the right thing according to who”?  That alarmed me and made me think “What is a right thing”. Who defines what is right?

I took interest into finding the meaning of “doing the right thing”. Some say it is doing things morally or ethically but if I am to do something now thinking I am doing the right thing that may not actually be right with you or the next person so

I am glad I came to this realisation and I have now become a student of not having the silly idea that everyone must do the right thing according to… me. Because we are all different, we have different backgrounds, learnings, beliefs, personalities, desires and circumstances.  So if what is done does not hurt, kill or harm anyone, obviously with no rules being broken or procedures being disregarded then let’s give each other a break and allow everyone to be.

I mean even God does!

Defining ‘Doing The Right Thing’ Youtube

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