Don’t tell me your sad story

If I tell you my sad story, you are going to know the reason why I am like this. You will understand why I behave in this manner, you will probably relate with me and maybe be empathetic towards me. Or better still you may stop judging me.  If I tell you my sad story today, I will feel better to know there is someone who can listen to my troubles.

Telling sad stories can become like a worm that can eat you up slowly. Sometimes people don’t even wait a second and they are already dialling someone to tell them of their sad story. They don’t even wait for a moment to think that maybe there is an opportunity presenting itself here but they rush to tell someone of their problem or sad story. Sometimes it is stories from decades ago and because they are told over and over again, they re-live those sad emotions as if it happened just yesterday.

Are you that someone who when people see you in the corridors they want to run away or hide because they already know the next thing you are going to tell them is your sad story. Some people do not even select who to tell they just tell any person they see next.  Others don’t even know any other conversation but to start telling their sad story. Remember not everyone is a counsellor of issues. Now, why drag others and arouse their emotions into it?

My suggestion is next time, before you tell your sad story, please consider what impact it maybe be on the next person, does that person really have to listen to your sad story. Is it fair on their emotions? Telling sad stories may in itself invite empathy or compassion for you but it may not be kind to the other person. How about we shorten those sad chapters and start telling the positives out of our issues and please let’s cancel those pity parties.

Don’t tell me your sad story

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