Guardian Angels Are Real

Have you ever had that person in your life who despite not being your real family member he or she is there for you more than your real ones?  It could be a stepfather or stepmother, uncle or aunt who jumps into your life and start acting as if they are your blood parents or whatever it is they will be acting as.

Someone who will drop whatever they are doing or will use their last cent on you without any strings attached.  Someone who will drive in the middle of the night to come and see you wherever you are just so they can get you out of trouble or comfort you. The kind of person who is willing to pay for your wedding or pay the bride price just so you can start a family because they know that’s what you desire only you don’t have the means at that particular time.  They will give you their last jacket just so you can be warm on your journey. One who will sell their cows so they can pay your fine to get you out of jail?

They will do all these things not expecting anything in return?  Sometimes they don’t even get a thank you but they don’t stop being there for you. It’s like they have an obsession on your wellbeing and success no matter what. You wonder why someone would go through so much just for you.You feel indebted to them even if they haven’t asked for anything back.Is this what is called unconditional love?

There are quite a few of those people walking upon the face of this planet. A rare breed that selflessly give of themselves though sadly they are usually taken for granted.  Today I want you to take a moment and think of that person and what they have done for you. If you are fortunate enough that they are still alive, go on and tell them how much you appreciate their service to you. Go on, honour them, for you might live to regret why you never expressed your gratitude.

These are the kind of people to cherish and to never take for granted.  They are our guardian angels! 

Guardian Angels Are Real  Youtube

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