So what!

So what you are too tall or too short, there is someone somewhere who wishes they were like you.

So what you are 80kgs overweight, you can still hit the road in your neighbourhood, gym, field and start that first step towards a healthy you.

So what you never did that degree you always dreamed of because you didn’t get the support you needed, you can start today and complete it. I know of a lady who started studying psychology at age 60 and she completed it she then used her degree for the next 20 years! Can you imagine?

So what you are in your forties and you are not married, you don’t have a boyfriend, girlfriend; get off your couch and out of your house to go and meet people today. They are certainly not coming to knock on your door and say hey we are here as your potential wife or husband!

So what you don’t have any real friends now, go out there, be a good person and open up to other people, start new relationships,

So what you had an ugly divorce who says all men or women are jacks

So what you are from a poor background; today take charge and break that chain of poverty.

So what you come from a broken family, you don’t have to drag that into your future.  Create a better story for yourself.

So what your parents never loved you quite the same like your other siblings; stop whining and start living your life.

So what you were never raised by both parents, decide today to be there and be a better example to your own children.

So what you were never acknowledged for that good did; as long as you did your part and you must never forget the feeling of accomplishing it.

So what someone took your recognition for that piece of work you did, fulfilment does not only come from recognition, you did it!

So what if they stole your ideas, there is always more from where it came from, one day it will catch-up with them but the original ideas are within you!

So what you don’t have any money to give, why shy away and not do anything, you can still give your service by other means. Use your hands, it’s not always about money!

While I acknowledge the pain that maybe caused by these different circumstances I urge you to never be held hostage by your situation or past.  Acknowledge what is, I mean some things we cannot change for example you cannot change your height but you can love yourself for who you are. And if it’s the past, the past belongs in the past.Use your experiences as training, that refines and make you a stronger being. For that which can be changed, just decide to change, forgive and move on.

Most importantly, rather than trying to solve the problems you had using the same mentality that caused them, instead, be a better person to those around you and be kind to yourself!

Your life is your responsibility.

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