You don’t need a man – Really?

I have stayed alone for too long.  I actually don’t need a man. I am no longer a marriage type.  I don’t need a man because they are a bunch of trouble and also they want to control us women.  I have no time for power pow wows in my life anymore.

This will be a conversation between women over a cup of tea or a glass of wine, whatever it is they will be sipping down their throats. I have been part of such conversations and as I listened and I have also watched the pain in those women’s eyes as they tell their stories.

Why is it women do not want to tell each other the honest truth of what is really going on on the inside or behind closed doors. Pretending all is well when it’s actually not is not going to get you anyway.  Trying to live your life probably to prove a point to someone or please other people isn’t worth it if you are not happy.

So next time when you meet your Gals why not say something like … Girls I am lonely, I need a life companion, I need someone to share my life with, build memories with, someone to talk to and to hold me.

I am saying…Be honest ladies, Don’t shut down, Live fully… that’s all!

You don’t need a man – Really?  Youtube

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