6 things to change your life from drab to fab!

Most of my life I have lived a boring, routine and very predictable life.For me, My life was complete and I didn’t need anything else in it. It was so predictable you would certainly know where I would be and what I would be doing at almost any given time, I was fine yet I was not happy.

Just to paint the lousy picture, my life was full of work, house chores, and lots of reality TV.

Even though I knew I was not happy, I did not stop to think what could be wrong and how I could fix it.  I just accepted things as they were and continued.  You see, I didn’t really understand what life was all about until someone gave me an extract of Transformation Truths by Brendon Burchard. It has a series of questions that requires you to answer stuff about your life being true to yourself and helps you to evaluate and change your life. I did the exercise and I noticed that I was not living.

So from then on I grew interest into how I could change my life around. I started reading more and more books I and signed up to receive daily emails from the people I identified as those who would help me change and started paying attention to what was going on within and around me.

And so I would like to share with you 6 things that helped me put thatspark back into my life.

Know yourself, If you were to ask me then who I was I would probably tell you my name and that I was a mother, a sister and would give you my title at work and so forth and that would be it.  The good question to ask yourself is are you the finished product of what you would want yourself to be.Knowing yourself will set you on a path to determine what you want which is my next point.

Need to know what it is you want in your life,Not everyone knows what they want.  I didn’t! I thought life was just about working and providing for my children and I never thought about those things that really mattered to me as person.  I had swept my dreams under the carpet and since forgotten about them.  One of the books I have read asks “what would you like to be remembered for” and I must admit this was my turning point as I took to task to figure out what that was. We all have unique dreams and we have them for a reason and so we should work towards reaching our dreams. We need to have something in our lives that makes us jump out of bed in the morning because we are so excited about achieving those dreams.

Have specific goals set for your life – be it short and long term goals – the key here is if it’s not planned for and written down, you wouldn’t  be able to focusand keep tabs on the goal meaning you would not have anything to work towards.  Some people achieve so much in a day not because they have more hours than anyone else no, we all have 24 hours in a day and it is in the planning and diligence on working on those plans that see them succeed.

Develop yourself –Developing yourself mentally, physically and emotionally is very important for anyone’s life and so by exposing yourself to information through reading books, blogs or podcasts,or by what others call cyberstalking, and alsobeing mindful to what you eat, and exercising, you will certainly see incredible change and results. It is vital that you develop yourself into doing and being what you really want in life.  Associating yourself with people whom you aspire to also sharpens your mind rather than running a race with the people whom you already know you can do better than because that would bring you into a comfort zone. Whatever it is you want to do, don’t be afraid, someone somewhere may already have done it and thank goodness for the information around us some of it isjust a click of a button away.

Time is life – The time we have on this earth is limited and it will determine what we will do with our lives. Stop thinking you have all the time on this planet and treat your life with a sense urgency as you do not know when the clock will stop ticking for you.

You matter –I heard the other day from Mel Robbins saying scientists have figured that the odds for you and I to have been born to our parents, with the DNA that we have, in the particular place at that particular time is 1:400 000 000 000.  That means you and I are special!You are special, and if you can always remember that, your attitude towards your life would be different and impactful.

If you would also like to change your life I suggest that you try this 6 items. My life has changed tremendously, I know I am work in progress but I must say I am thrilled by the change that is happening in my thinking, my attitude, and in fact in my life as a whole.  Give it a try!

Please note, it’s not easy to change and Robin Sharma says it well when he says Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. So as you decide to change I suggest you buckle up!!



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