Wife locked husband out of the house

It is weekend, we are so broke there is no food in the house but this man that I married is sitting there doing nothing about it. He keeps throwing a glance into the kitchen with puppy eyes asking where the food is because he is hungry but what he forgets is… so is everyone else. At first I entertained such behaviour and I would run around and put this and that together so he could have something to eat.It then became a habit. Yes you can tell me I spoilt him.

Do you know the man I am talking about, that one whom you have to tell to move so you can clean the house?A broke man who sits around the house the whole time and still expects food to come from somewhere have it prepared for him whilst he just sits his lazy bones on the couch.

I wondered from where he got this kind of idea. Because my understanding is a man is the provider and should do so for his family not the other way round. Some man can be amazing, they don’t even ask where you got the money from to buy the food they just eat it.  How dumb is that!

Anyway, one weekend I had enough of it and this is what I did. Just as he got out of the house to fetch something from outside I locked the door and when he came back he knocked and I didn’t  open I told him through the kitchen window that the only time I was going to open the door was when he had food to cook in his hands.This man, twice my size started making noise at the door, banging the door, making threats. I mean he through tantrumsuntil our neighbours from the flat next door came to help.  Though embarrassing I told them through the same kitchen window that I wasn’t going to open for a man with a brain, 2 hands and 2 feet to come in empty handed for we were starving in the house and he wasn’t doing anything about it.

Anyway to cut the long story short his attitude towards working and being productive in life took a U-turn and he eventually started his own business and is now very successful. He has since developed a very good work ethic. He jokes about it now and tells people had I not given him the jolt at that particular time he would have been a very miserable and broken man.And so, he thanks me for it.

Let me just say, what worked for me might not work for you… This is just my story.

Wife locked husband out of the house  Youtube

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