Your Talent Within

Some of us people are here on earth to rule and guide nations

Some are here to protect people and their property

Some are here to deliver others from bondage

Some are here to instill order and peace

Some are here to guide people spiritually

Some are here to teach sing dance

Some are here to design buildings, others clothing

Some are here to do landscaping and others farming

Some are here to heal the sick

Some are here to help the distressed

Some are here to protect or clean the environment

Some are here to be creative in the kitchen and come up with fantastic dishes

Some are here to feed, clothe and give shelter to the poor

Some are here make new or improve on existing products

Some are here to study and bring us information about the deepest parts of our seas, oceans or the space above,

And it seems others are here to populate the planet, the list goes on and on!

So, here is a question for you….what are you here for? Because we all have our unique talents and we are all here to serve one another in different kinds of ways. You couldn’t have been here to just enjoy other people’s talents! If you made it here, you didn’t come as an empty vessel. You surely have a talent within you, the questions is do you know what it is, and are you willing to birth it, make it come alive and leave your mark on this planet or are you going to let it go into the graveyard with you.  I hope not because that would be a waste.

If you already know what you are here for and are fulfilling your purpose, congratulations! If not, Please don’t waste anytime go and figure it out and get started on it. It’s never too late! Go for it!


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